HGSA Policies and Position Statements


Genetic Services

Clinical Genetics Services Framework

WISN Template referred to in Clinical Genetics Service Framework

Glossary of Terms


Education, Ethics and Social Issues

Genetic Testing and Personal Insurance Products in Australia

Online DNA Testing

Predictive and Pre-symptomatic Genetic Testing in Adults and Children

Retention, Storage and Use of Sample Cards from Newborn Screening Programs

Use of Human Genetic and Genomics Information in Healthcare Settings

Core Capabilities in Genetics & Genomics for Medical Graduates


Testing and Screening

Use of Polygenic Scores in Clinical Practice and Population Health

COSA/HGSA Position Statement on Universal tumour screening for evidence of mismatch repair deficiency: a national strategy to identify people with Lynch Syndrome

HGSA/ RANZCOG Prenatal screening and diagnosis of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities in the fetus in pregnancy C-Obs 59

HGSA/ RANZCOG Prenatal assessment of fetal structural conditions C-Obs 60

Newborn Screening Panels - Counting Conditions and Summary of Conditions Screened by Programme

Supplemental Online (Direct to Consumer) DNA Newborn Screening Tests

The role of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) testing for personalised breast cancer risk prediction.- currently under review, 2013 document withdrawn.

Guidelines for PRNP genetic testing

Genetic Carrier Testing for Recessive Conditions

Rapid Genomic Testing in Critically Ill Patients with Genetic Conditions - HGSA Full Position Statement

Rapid Genomic Testing in Critically Ill Patients with Genetic Conditions - European Journal of Human Genetics Publication


Testing policies endorsed by HGSA

RANZCOG policy on Genetic Carrier Screening

AACB Australasian Guidelines for Sweat Testing

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) International Guidelines

Integrated Guidance for Enhancing the Care of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in Australia


Genetic Counselling

HGSA Professional Concerns and Complaints Policy for Genetic Counsellors 

Competency Standards for Genetic Counsellors

Clinical Certification Policy for Genetic Counsellors  -  See also Alert from BOC regarding use of AI in Certification Submission

Mandatory Declarations for Registered Genetic Counsellors

Continuing Professional Development for Genetic Counsellors

Professional Practice for Genetic Counsellors

Guidelines for Genetic Counsellors working in Private Practice in Australasia - withdrawn.

Course Accreditation for Masters of Genetic Counselling Programs

Scope of Practice for Genetic Counsellors

Code of Ethics for Genetic Counsellors

English Language Requirements for Genetic Counsellors

Professional Insurance for Genetic Counsellors

Supervision Policy for Genetic Counsellors

ASGC Social Media Policy 


Education, Training and Examinations

Human Genetics / Genomics Education


Position statements endorsed by HGSA

ASHG position statements - Human Germline Genome Editing

Position statement from the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis on the use of non‐invasive prenatal testing for the detection of fetal chromosomal conditions in singleton pregnancies


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