HGSA NZ Branch Meeting: Call for Abstracts


Attention Researchers, Clinicians, Laboratory Scientists, and Industry Professionals!

Abstract submission for the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) New Zealand Branch Meeting is now open, and we want to showcase your work! The HGSA NZ Branch Meeting is being held 17th -18th October 2024 in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.

This is the opportunity to demonstrate all amazing ongoing work in the Aotearoa New Zealand genetics community, whether you work locally or overseas. We are interested in all abstracts related to local genetics, and particularly the following areas:

  • Treatment of genetic disease and precision medicine
  • Practical applications of genomics
  • NZ focussed research
  • Advocacy and community service projects
  • Student research
  • Interesting cases

Abstracts will be selected for both oral and poster presentations. This conference is only held every second year, so don’t delay, submit today! Abstract submission will close on 1 September 2024.

Abstract Submission and Guidelines:

  1. Please submit your Abstract as a word document, and email to Harry Fraser [email protected]
    a. The file name should be your last name (e.g. Fraser.doc)
    b. If you are submitting more than one abstract please label as Fraser1.doc, Fraser2.doc etc
    c. You will receive email acknowledging the receipt of your abstract. If you do not, please email Hayley Green on [email protected]
  2. Please follow the HGSA general guidelines for abstract submission:
    a. Word limit: 250 words in the body, not including title, author(s), and institution(s)
    b. Abbreviations should only be used for common terms. For non-common terms, the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word/phrase
    c. Check spelling and grammar prior to submission
  3. Abstracts will be evaluated using the following criteria
    a. Abstract quality
    b. Relevance to NZ Genetics and NZ population
    c. Relevance to Conference Theme
  4. You will be emailed in September with the outcome of your abstract submission; earlier submissions may receive the outcome sooner.

More information and registration information can be found here.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and registrations.