HGSA Supports Safe Workplaces

The Human Genetics Society of Australasia Limited (HGSA) is committed to providing a safe, flexible and respectful environment for staff and clients free from all forms of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.  We expect the same from and for our members and reiterate that discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment are unacceptable and unlawful. 

The HGSA strongly supports and encourages any member who believes they have been discriminated against, bullied, sexually harassed or victimised in the workplace to report the matter and for employing organisations to respond promptly and appropriately.  Anyone seeking support is recommended to visit https://humanrights.gov.au/our-work/sex-discrimination/list-support-services

The HGSA is currently drafting an internal workplace discrimination and harassment policy based on the template from the Australian Human Rights Commission.  Members will be notified when this is published.  

HGSA Members are reminded of their obligation to abide by the HGSA Code of Ethics.