RARE Portal and RARE Helpline (22/04/2024)  
   The RARE portal and RARE Helpline are now live. The RARE Portal has been funded by the Australian Government and is a key deliverable of the National Strategic Action Plan for Rare Diseases.
 Research Project: An exploration of Genetic Counsellors’ experiences of working in ART (22/04/2024)  
   Calling Genetic Counsellors! Are you working in, or have you previously worked in the IVF/ART industry? We are interested in hearing from you to learn more about your experience.
 Health Sector Women's Leadership Scholarships Available (15/04/2024) 
   Available Now: Partial scholarships for women in the Health Sector ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per person, for one of four leadership and workplace skill development programs.
 Rare Disease Policy Roundtable with the Hon. Mark Butler MP and HGSA (15/04/2024) 
   HGSA President Yemima Berman, and ASIEM President Kaustuv Bhattacharya were invited to participate in the rare disease roundtable with Minister Butler on Tuesday 9 April 2024 hosted by Alexion Australia and New Zealand.
 Research Survey: Genetic Counsellor perspectives on somatic testing and germline cancer risk (15/04/2024)  
   A pilot study investigating genetic counsellors’ perspectives on somatic testing and germline cancer risk assessment. Do you work in cancer genetics? We want to know how somatic testing impacts you!
 Beyond the Slide Podcast: Episode 1 Performing genetic testing in breast cancer patients (11/04/2024) 
   Listen to this new Podcast taking topics from the lab to the clinic - how to navigate pathology complexities, why genetic insights transform care, and how genetic literacy empowers patient journeys.
 HGSA Supports Safe Workplaces (10/04/2024) 
   The HGSA strongly supports and encourages any member who believes they have been discriminated against, bullied, sexually harassed or victimised in the workplace to report the matter and for employers to respond promptly and appropriately.
 QLD Branch HGSA Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarship - open for applications! (9/04/2024)  
   The QLD Branch would like to announce their 2024 ASM scholarship
 ASPECT Autism Friendly Recording (8/04/2024) 
   ASPECT (Autism Spectrum Australia ). All HGSA members are welcome to view a recording of this virtual session within the NSW GC Education Day.
 Petition to add Belzutifan to the PBS for for VHL (4/04/2024) 
   Learn more about the petition organised by Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia and sign to assist in advocating for Belzutifan to be added to the PBS.
 The Human Genetics Society of Australasia Limited (29/03/2024) 
   We are pleased to announce a major milestone in the history of the Society with the dissolution of Incorporated association and the transfer of the undertaking and distribution of its assets to the new company.
 Vale Judith Hammond (28/03/2024) 
   It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Dr Judith Hammond, Emeritus Member of HGSA.
 Survey regarding Inherited Retinal Disease (20/03/2024) 
   Are you a healthcare professional caring for someone with inherited retinal disease? This survey is for you, the individual and their family.
 Science and Compassion in Genetic Counselling (20/03/2024) 
   We are delighted to share an article published on the website of Captial, Coast and Hutt Valley Health in New Zealand featuring HGSA member Sally Jackson.
 VCGS Clinical Genomics MDT Meeting (20/03/2024) 
   The VCGS Clinical Genomics Laboratory extends an invitation to the HGSA membership to their monthly VCGS Clinical Genomics MDT Meeting.
 CONSULTATION OPEN | Requirements for medical pathology services (18/03/2024) 
   The Commission, in collaboration with the National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC), is revising the Requirements for medical pathology services (Third Edition 2018).
 Short Online Pharmacogenomics course (6/03/2024) 
   QUT has launched Essentials of Personalised Medicine for Health Professionals, a short online module designed to develop healthcare professionals' knowledge and skills in applying pharmacogenomics within their Australian clinical practice.
 Rare Disease Day 2024 (28/02/2024) 
   29 FEBRUARY is Rare Disease Day Raising awareness and generating change for the 300 million people worldwide living with a rare disease, their families and carers.
 National Recommendations for Rare Disease Health Care – launching tomorrow! (28/02/2024) 
   Australia's first-ever National Recommendations for Rare Disease Health Care (the Recommendations) will be launched tomorrow to coincide with Rare Disease Day, which is being marked on the rarest day of the year in 2024 (29 February).
 2024 Skills Priority LIst (SPL) Stakeholder Survey (26/02/2024) 
   Last week the HGSA contributed data from the individual and service-level 2022 HGSA survey's to the Australian skills priority list stakeholder survey.