Genomics in Focus: Nephrology

The Centre for Genetics Education is delighted to present the speciality webinar series “Genomics in Focus”

Genomics in Focus: Nephrology

Do you work with individuals and families affected by inherited renal disease? Did you know that approximately 20% of early onset chronic kidney disease has an identifiable genetic cause?

This webinar will explore the latest advancements in genomics and their impact on nephrology. Discover how genomics is revolutionizing the field, leading to better diagnoses, personalized treatments, and improved patient outcomes. Join Dr Hugh McCarthy to learn more about;

- Relevance of genetic testing for nephrology

- Types of genetic tests available and possible results

- Patients who may benefit and Medicare eligibility

- Practicalities of ordering tests

- Consent and other considerations

Guest Speaker
Dr Hugh McCarthy
27/06/2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time